Our Identity

Minnesota Aurora FC stands for more than just a crest or a brand. We are a soccer team for community and by community. And that means we do things differently. As a community-owned soccer team, we know soccer transcends the lines that bound the pitch.

Community soccer means building a new community of like-minded fans, but also working in, playing with, and supporting the communities all around us. Minnesota Aurora is an open-arms, welcoming club. We ardently oppose bigotry in all its forms.

Our Name & Crest

Minnesota Aurora’s name and crest came out of a long collaboration between the team, designers, and community owners. The club’s founders worked with designers Nicole Meyer and Carla Zetina-Yglesias to establish a longlist of potential team names that would touch on the broad swath of things and experiences that felt “Minnesotan” in some ways: its geography, its people, its history. During the community investment campaign, community owners also submitted over a hundred names and the club narrowed the final list down to 14 names to vote on.

Through two rounds of voting, community owners narrowed the final list to Arctic Minnesota, Minnesota Foxfire, and Minnesota Aurora. The club’s designer Allie Reinke worked with Meyer and Zetina-Yglesias and the three presented three final brand concepts to the community owners for a final vote.

Minnesota Aurora FC emerged the strong favorite with a name and crest that evokes the ephemeral beauty of the northern skies of Minnesota. The crest depicts the three swooshes of an aurora over a Minnesota forest with the North Star bright beneath representing Minnesota, the North Star State.

The team’s primary colors are the Midnight Blue of the night sky and the Aurora Teal. The crest’s accent colors come from the additional Dark and Medium Teal of the aurora and the Flash Red.